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Hello, I’m Pranay Mathur — an Entrepreneur, Technology Influencer, and Startup Evangelist. I have spearheaded and executed digital transformation strategies, driving business growth for globally recognized brands across various industries, including Energy drinks, Healthcare, Education, Music, Food, Fashion, and Retail.

Technology creates possibilities. Design creates solutions.
Art creates questions. Leadership creates actions.‍

– John Maeda


With my unique ability to comprehend diverse business models and align them with ROI-driven technology architectures, I’ve built businesses from the ground up. I’ve set up teams, established processes, implemented technology and operations, led both businesses and teams, significantly scaled each venture in revenue and headcount, and successfully turned around businesses to achieve profitability.



From its humble beginnings in Jaipur with just three individuals, WeDigTech I founded has grown exponentially, spreading its wings across more than 15 countries. This global presence reflects not only our commitment to technological innovation but also the trust and partnerships we’ve forged on an international scale. We continue to thrive, connecting diverse cultures through our technology solutions and leaving a mark on the global landscape.

Pranay Mathur



Professional journey & Achievements


First Computer

I got my first laptop from my uncle in the U.S.


Started Programming

Started learning to code programs at the age of 9

Early 2000s

Business Solutions

Applied programming to solve real life problems of small businesses before IT Solutions were common.


BBA Graduate

Became a Software Engineer with a Commerce degree. Super rare combo ;)


Rejected By Google

Due to lack of vacancy in the company.



Registered as a freelancer on multiple platforms and started working with a team in Europe.


Joined an IT Company

Improved the operations and enhanced the deployments of existing solutions.



Started giving tech consultation to Network18 and helped deliver their projects better.


WeDigTech Happened

Started my own IT company with a team of 3 and scaled it to a team of 60 members by 2018


U.S. based Start-Ups

Started working with U.S. based Start-Ups.


Co-Founder at Oval

Started consulting Oval Digital in New York and eventually became their Co-Founder & CTO.


Angel Investor

Invested in 15+ Start-Ups from various industries


Home Monde

Became a Co-Founder at Home Monde and spiked revenue by 400% with my Tech-Expertise.


Realtime Angel Fund

Founded Realtime Angel Fund; a SEBI registered CAT-1 Angel Fund with $60M USD Corpus Fund and funded 35+ Start-Ups.


Realtime Angel fund

Establishing the Real Time Angel Fund (RTAF) is a proud accomplishment. As the founder, I’ve steered this SEBI-registered CAT-1 AIF, amassing an impressive INR 510 Crores ($60M USD). With 500+ angel investors as LPs, we’ve supported 35+ revolutionary startups in the last year. Our commitment is to invest in and accelerate future change-makers. If you’re leading a groundbreaking startup and in need of accelerated seed capital, check out opportunities at and apply for our upcoming cohort.


Growth Strategist

Embarking on a dynamic career as a growth strategist for startups and enterprises, I’ve navigated the evolving landscape with strategic precision. From formulating impactful growth strategies to fostering success for numerous ventures, my journey is defined by a commitment to innovation and results. With a blend of creativity and strategic insight, I’ve consistently driven businesses toward sustainable growth, contributing to the success stories of startups and enterprises alike.


Join us in the action!

Pranay Mathur











Business Mentor

As a seasoned business mentor, my journey is woven with experiences in guiding startups and enterprises towards prosperity. With a wealth of strategic insights, I’ve played a pivotal role in nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit. From offering tailored guidance to fostering resilience, my commitment to shaping success stories has defined my mentorship journey. It’s a privilege to contribute to the growth and resilience of businesses, ensuring they thrive and overcome challenges in the ever-evolving business landscape.

ELI - 355 | Pranay Mathur (Partner & CEO of Realtime Angel Fund)


My word for bharat’s Entrepreneurs

Your entrepreneurial journey stands as a testament to resilience and vision in Bharat. From the inception of your venture, you’ve navigated challenges with strategic acumen, turning obstacles into stepping stones. Your commitment to innovation, coupled with an unwavering work ethic, has propelled your business to remarkable heights. To budding entrepreneurs in Bharat, your story is an inspiration—an encouragement to embrace challenges, stay true to your vision, and, above all, persist in the pursuit of your dreams. The path may be arduous, but your journey is a beacon of hope for those daring to embark on their entrepreneurial odyssey in Bharat.

Pranay Mathur


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